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Join us on January 24th, 2017, between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm Pacific Time for the third annual Enterprise Data Governance Online (EDGO).
This online event is a full day of live webinar sessions presented by industry experts, each focused on Data Governance success in the enterprise., and focuses on Data Governance and Quality, Stewardship, Governing New Technologies, and more.




Hitchhikers Guide to GDPR

Presented by Daragh O'Brien
Coming soon.


Data Quality Metrics to Live By

Presented by Dan Myers
So you’ve made the business case for data quality, but now you want to identify how you make the measurement tangible. In this session Dan Myers will identify key business indicators (KPI) that business leaders use to measure their business and then how to measure data quality impact on these KPIs. Industry examples will use the following business KPIs with common DQ metrics in order to explain business impact: • Cost Impact (Poor DQ => High Cost) • Sales/Revenue Impact (Poor DQ => Decreased Sales) • Customer Experience (Poor DQ => Decreased Experience) Within the this presentation we’ll discuss which DQ metrics can be used to measure Accuracy, Consistency, Currency, Timeliness and other dimensions that impact business. Examples will include: • Lack of Consistency or Completeness of prices and product availability frustrates/prevents customers from purchasing products which leads to decreased sales and poor customer experience Lack of Current and Timely prospective customer data (email/phone/mailing address) increases cost, frustrates employees and causes rework real-world scenarios.


Data Governance & Data Architecture: Alignment & Accountability

Presented by Nigel Turner
The need for Data Architecture has never been greater.  The volume and variety of data sources is increasing rapidly, and any organization wanting to maintain control of, and fully exploit its data, needs a clear plan and supporting framework.   Data Architecture provides the approaches and tools to do that, but its practical track record is variable. This session will make the case that a successful Data Architecture depends on strong alignment with Data Governance. It will cover: • What Data Architecture is, and is not • The importance and potential benefits of Data Architecture • Barriers to successful implementation • Overcoming the barriers through Data Governance • Aligning Data Governance with Data Architecture • Key steps to make it happen


Keynote: The Future of Data Governance

Session Details Coming Soon!


Managing Data Governance in Your Data Lake

Presented by Sherri Adame
The Cigna Enterprise Data Management team (EDM) continues to focus effort on managing Cigna's Data as a Corporate Asset. Launched in 2015, Cigna's enterprise data lake project is taking the company on a data governance journey. In the last year the team has implemented an end to end data governance process that is making more efficient the data preparation cycle for analytic and business intelligence developers by managing metadata, outputting data quality profiling results and automatically connecting the metadata and data quality statistics to the data. Cigna’s data management and governance teams are eliminating silos of activity and creating a common thread of activity, based on a shared platform of metadata, to connect and align activities across technical teams and business processes.


Business Glossaries and Data Dictionaries

Presented by Bob Seiner
Formal data governance is one of four secrets to building successful and sustainable Business Glossaries and Data Dictionaries. The governance of data and metadata often begins with the development of these data knowledgebase focused on improving how the organization defines, produces and uses valuable data assets. And that is not the only secret.

In this session, Bob will discuss:
  • Four Secrets for Successful Glossaries and Dictionaries
  • Vital Business Glossary and Data Dictionary Attributes
  • Governing your Business Glossary and Data Dictionary
  • Setting Up Effective Metadata Change Management
  • How to Promote Your Glossary and Dictionary Value

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